Pablo Arrighi

I am Professor in the Informatics and Interactions department of Aix-Marseille University and a researcher in the CaNa team of the LIS laboratory. I am also a member of the IXXI institute based at ENS de Lyon. Earlier on I did my Ph.D in the Computer Laboratory of the U. of Cambridge, before I became a Lecturer at U. of Grenoble. Get in touch!

Pablo Arrighi

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Research interests

  • Quantum Cellular Automata: simulation, models, applications to theoretical physics;
  • Causal Graph Dynamics: simulation, models, applications to theoretical physics;
  • Free software development.

Proposed Master/PhD/postdoc topics


(HDR: Quantum Cellular Automata.)

Selected Publications

Popular Science


PhD Students

Free Software Development


Secure eXchange Protocols

The sharing economy, gone peer-to-peer.

LaTeX Dragon

Drag'n Drop your maths.



  • Master 2 Modèles de Calculs Naturels (MoCaNa);
  • Master 1 Software Engineering (GL);
  • License 1 Introduction to CS (IIP);
  • Responsible for the License 1 in CS at Aix.

Master 1 Software Engineering

  • Bank of short presentations and cheatsheets.