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My main research interests include

  • machine learning
  • grammatical inference
  • probabilistic models
  • tree structured data
  • dealing with noisy data
  • information extraction
  • boosting

Supervision of PhD student:

  • Jean-Philippe Peyrache, co-supervised with Marc Sebban
  • Emilie Morvant, co-supervised with Stéphane Ayache
  • Laurent Boyer: Using background knowledge for learning similarities between structured data (beginning october 2007, co-supervised with Marc Sebban)

Research projects:

  • Member of the PASCAL2 Network of excellence
  • Lampada ANR Project (2009- 2013): Learning Algorithms, Models and sPArse representations for structured DAta
  • VideoSense ANR Project (2010-2013): Rich concepts recognition in multilingual videos, throw pivot languages
  • DECODA ANR PRoject (2009-2012): Speech Analytics in recorded call-center conversations
  • SEQUOIA ANR Project (2009-2012): A large coverage probabilistic syntactic parser for French
  • Marmota ANR Project (2006-2009): MAchine learning pRobabilistic MOdels Tree lAnguages

Some events:


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