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30-2006    Line Jakubiec-Jamet
Notes sur la conception d'une interface pour les Critères Communs de Sécurité
29-2006    Lucia Acciai, Michele Boreale and Silvano Dal Zilio
A Typed Calculus for Querying Distributed XML Documents
28-2006    Solange Coupet-Grimal and William Delobel
A Constructive Axiomatization of the Recursive Path Ordering
27-2005    Solange Coupet-Grimal and William Delobel
An Effective Proof of the Well-Foundedness of the Multiset Path Ordering
26-2005    Silvano Dal Zilio and Régis Gascon
Resource Bound Certification for a Tail-Recursive Virtual Machine
25-2005    Frédéric Gardi
Ordonnancement avec exclusion mutuelle par un graphe d'intervalles ou d'une classe apparentée : complexité et algorithmes
24-2005    Solange Coupet-Grimal and William Delobel
A Uniform and Certified Approach for Two Static Analyses
23-2004    Nicolas Baudru and Peter Niebert
Controllers from proofs: An alternative approach to control synthesis for mu-calculus specifications
22-2004    Roberto M. Amadio and Silvano Dal Zilio
Resource Control for Synchronous Cooperative Threads
21-2004    Denis Lugiez
From Automata to Semilinear Sets: a Solution for Polyhedra and Even More General Sets
20-2004    Arnaud Durand, Etienne Grandjean and Frédéric Olive
New results on arity vs. number of variables
19-2004    Michele Conforti, Gérard Cornuéjols and Giacomo Zambelli
Decomposing Berge graphs containing no proper wheel, long prism or their complements
18-2004    Roberto M. Amadio
Synthesis of max-plus quasi-interpretations
17-2004    Roberto M. Amadio, Solange Coupet-Grimal, Silvano Dal Zilio and Line Jakubiec
A Functional Scenario for Bytecode Verification of Resource Bounds
16-2003    Denis Lugiez, Peter Niebert and S. Zennou
A Partial Order Semantics Approach to the Clock Explosion Problem of Timed Automata
15-2003    Gérard Cornuéjols
Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization
14-2003    Karl Schlechta
Coherent systems
13-2003    Victor Chepoi, Feodor Dragan and Yann Vaxès
Distance and routing labeling schemes for non-positively curved plane graphs
12-2003    Frédéric Gardi
Mutual exclusion scheduling with interval graphs and related classes
11-2003    Frédéric Gardi
A note on the Roberts characterization of proper and unit interval graphs
10-2002    Roberto M. Amadio
Max-plus quasi-interpretations
09-2002    Victor Chepoi, Clémentine Fanciullini and Yann Vaxès
Median problem in some plane triangulations and quadrangulations
08-2002    Denis Lugiez and Silvano Dal Zilio
Multitrees Automata, Presburger's Constraints and Tree Logics
07-2002    Frédéric Gardi
An efficient algorithm for maximum disjoint matchings in a set of intervals and related problems
06-2002    Roberto M. Amadio, Gérard Boudol and Cédric Lhoussaine
The receptive distributed pi-calculus
05-2002    Roberto M. Amadio, Gérard Boudol and Cédric Lhoussaine
On message deliverability and non-uniform receptivity
04-2002    Roberto M. Amadio and Charles Meyssonnier
On decidability of the control reachability problem in the asynchronous pi-calculus
03-2002    Solange Coupet-Grimal and Line Jakubiec
Certifying Circuits in Type Theory
02-2002    Frédéric Gardi
The Mutual Exclusion Scheduling Problem for Proper Interval Graphs
01-2002    Frédéric Gardi
On the Partition of an Interval Graph into Proper Interval Subgraphs

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