Kévin Perrot

Luminy - Library - 2nd floor
Office A201

Parc Sci & Tech de Luminy
163, avenue de Luminy - Case 901
F-13288 Marseille Cedex 9

+33(0)4 86 09 04 97
Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Marseille   MCF Laboratory
Aix Marseille Universite   MCF University

Vien Toan Hoc 2 weeks in August 2017
Universidad Adolf Ibanez 1 week in November 2016
Vietnam Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics May-June 2016
Aalto University March 2016
Universidad de Chile  Center for Mathematical Modeling  Nucleo Milenio ACGO   Postdoc laboratories
Vietnam Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics June 2014
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon    LIP PhD laboratory 1/2
Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis  I3S   PhD laboratory 2/2
Universidad Adolf Ibanez 2nd half of August 2013
Universidad de Concepcion 1st half of August 2013
Vietnam Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics Januray 2013
Complex Systems Institute 6 months in 2010
Vien Toan Hoc 3 months in 2009

2014 -
Aix Marseille Université - Maître de Conférences in Theoretical Computer Sciences
member of the Natural Computation reasearch group, LIF Laboratory (UMR CNRS 7279).

2013 - 2014
Universidad de Chile - Postdoc in Theoretical Computer Sciences
at the CMM and part of the project ACGO in association with Ivan Rapaport.

2010 - 2013
ENS de Lyon - PhD in Theoretical Computer Sciences
at the LIP team MC2 and I3S team MC3
codirected with Enrico Formenti and Eric Rémila.

Subject   Kadanoff Sandpile Model.
Keywords   Discrete Dynamical System,
Emergent Structures,
Self-Organized Criticality (caution: not defined).
Manuscript   version 1.2 (pdf in french)

2008 - 2010
UNSA - Master Theoretical Computer Sciences.

2007 - 2008
ENS de Lyon - Licence Theoretical Computer Sciences.

2005 - 2007
IUT A Lyon 1 - DUT (Technical!) Computer Sciences.