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An interview on France Info.
Launch of the SXP project.
Martiel wins the JTF Turing Scholarship prize.
A talk on the physical Church-Turing thesis.
Some animations of a Quantum Cellular Automata.
I am Professor in the Informatics and Interactions department of Aix-Marseille University and a researcher in the CaNa team of the LIF laboratory. I am also visiting of the IXXI institute based at ENS de Lyon on a regular basis. I coordinate the ANR Young Researcher grant CausaQ ("Causality in Quantum information") over the period 2010-2015. Earlier on I did Ph.D in the Computer Laboratory of the U. of Cambridge, before I became a Lecturer at U. of Grenoble. Get in touch!
Current Research Interests:
- Quantum Cellular Automata: simulation, models, applications to theoretical physics;
- Causal Graph Dynamics: simulation, models, applications to theoretical physics;
- Process algebra and their applications to Computer Security.
(check both and the draft book: Quantum Cellular Automata.)
Selected publications:
- Causal Graph Dynamics, ICALP 2012, >>;
- Unitarity plus causality implies localizability, QIP 2010, >>;
- Intrinsically universal n-dimensional quantum cellular automata, JCSS, >>;
- The physical Church-Turing thesis and the principles of quantum theory, IJFCS, >>;
- Linear-algebraic lambda-calculus: higher-order, encodings and confluence, RTA 2008, >>;
- Blind Quantum Computation, IJQI, >>;
- On Quantum operations as quantum states, Ann. of Phys., >>;
Popular Science:
- "Quantum Computation explained to my Mother", Current Trends in CS, >>;
- "The quantum Game of Life", Physics World >>;
- "Le Monde comme un ordinateur quantique", La Recherche >>;
- La Chronique Info-Sciences de Marie-Odile Monchicourt, France Info interview >>;
- "L'informatique quantique : l'ultime frontière?", Programmez!, >>;
Ph.D. students I am/was responsible for:
- Marcelo Forets (current, co-directed with Alain Joye) >>;
- Simon Martiel, JTF Turing Scholar prize, (current, co-directed with Bruno Martin) >>;
- David Cattané o (current, co-directed with Simon Perdrix) ;
- Jérôme Javelle (Done.) >>;
- Alejandro Diaz-Caro (Lecturer) >>.
Free Software Projects I am responsible for:
- Secure eXchange Protocols (SXP) >>;
- General Object-Oriented Language (GOOL) >>.
Teaching resources:
- An introduction to theoretical physics for CompScis, PhD course >>;
- Quantum computation and graph theory, PhD course >>;
- Quantum computation, 2nd year Master course >>;
- New trends in cryptography, 2nd year Master course >>;
- Security >> and Models of Security, 2nd year Master course >>;
- Master Internships, 1st year Master module >>;
- Compilation project, 1st year Master module >>;
- Unix & C, 1st year course >>.