Petru Valicov


Starting from September 2018 I am on leave to the the Computer Science Department of IUT Montpellier-Sète with research affiliation in LIRMM. Since September 2014 I am an Assistant professor (Maître de Conférences) at IUT Aix-Marseille by doing research at LIS in the team ACRO.

During 09.2012 — 08.2014 I held a position of teaching assistant at University Paris Sud-LRI and ENS Lyon-LIP respectively.

During 10.2009 — 08.2012 I was a PhD student in Computer Science at LaBRI - University Bordeaux 1 under the supervision of Arnaud Pêcher, Mickaël Montassier and Éric Sopena. I defended my PhD in July 2012.

Contact details:

  • Email LIRMM : firstname_DOT_lastname_AT_lirmm_DOT_fr

  • Email IUT-Montpellier : firstname_DOT_lastname_AT_umontpellier_DOT_fr