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In the university year 2018-2019, I am teaching (French here - En français ici):

Advanced Classification

2nd year Master in Signal and Image Processing. A course mainly on deep learning methods for computer vision.

Data Science

1st year Master in Signal and Image Processing. A course that covers all aspects of data science: preparation and visualisation of data (PCA, mastering of pandas, etc), machines learning main algorithms via scikit-learn (linear and logistic regresssion, Decision trees, random forest, adaboost, SVM, k-means, hierarchical clustering), analysis of results (metrics like accuracy, F-score, ROC, etc; mastering of matplotlib; etc).

Introduction to Data Science

1st year Master in Computer Science. How to deal with data? How to prepare them? How to use them in a machine learning algorithm? How to visualize and analyse the result? These are the main motivation of that course, where we deal with feature selection, regression (linear, logistic), classification (supervised or not), evaluation metrics, ...

Introduction to Machine Learning

Last year Licence in Computer Science and in Math for Social Science. A course to discover Machine Learning. Some background and many experimentations!

Data Basis

2nd year Licence in Math Physic Chimie and Computer Science (excellence cursus). From relational algebra to SQL, including MERISE schemes for conception and python interface

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