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EZ-Draw, to draw in C

Copyright (c) 2008-2016 by Edouard Thiel <>

EZ-Draw ("Easy Draw") is a small graphical toolbox for the C language, available on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (all versions).

EZ-Draw is designed for learning event-driven programming and graphical interfaces. It lets you create windows in a very simple way, draw into them, respond to mouse and keyboard, make animations.

The heart of EZ-Draw consists of a single C module; internally based on Xlib library (Unix) and the win32 API (Windows), it hides all the technical aspects.

A second module allows to read and display images in PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP format.

EZ-Draw-1.2.tgz Download the stable version, ready to compile, with examples and documentation.
Snapshots Some screenshots.
Documentation The tutorial and reference manual.
Installation Explains how to install and compile.
LICENSE GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

Source Code:

Alternative projects :

EZ-Draw++ An adaptation of EZ-Draw to C++ language and philosophy.
EZ-Draw-js Allows to compile EZ-Draw programs to javascript + html5 so that they are displayed in a web page.
EZ-Draw-GTK Some EZ-Draw demos rewritten with GTK+ in C.

Last update: 2th of june, 2016.