The Npic library and tools

Copyright (c) 2003-2010 by Edouard Thiel <>

The Npic library provides types and functions in C language to memorize and manipulate bitmap images of dimension 2 to 6, different pixel types, external border, linear access and cartesian coordinates access.

The Npic tools are a set of command-line utilities that give access to the library functions, like drawing in images, computing distance transforms and medial axis, converting file formats, and more. Some computations are multi-threaded with OpenMP.

A multi-dimensional compressed file-format (NPZ) is proposed by Npic. This format is also accepted by: QVox V.2. Other files format are accepted by Npic: PAN in 2D/3D/3D+t, VOL in 3D, PNM/PBM/PGM/PPM in 2D, possibly compressed on fly with gzip, bzip2 or p7zip.

Npic-0.29.tgz Download last release with full sources ready to compile, documentation and examples.
README How to install and Frequently Asked Questions.
npic-tools Describe the Npic command-line tools (and QVox plugins).
Tutorial Tutorial on Npic library programming in C ANSI (also in pdf).
Reference Reference manual of the lib (also in pdf).
LICENSE GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).
changes.log History of version changes.

This library and other tools, images and volumes are also available on the IAPR Technical Committee on Discrete Geometry TC18.

Last update: 10 janv 2011.